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USPS Stand Up Talks

COVID-19 SUT 1 staying-healthy_Take Steps 2020-01-24

COVID-19 SUT 2 staying-healthy_2020-02-11

COVID-19 SUT 3 staying-vigilant Flu and Resp disease prev 2020-02-25

COVID-19 SUT 4 what-we-know-and-what-you-can-do-2020-03-05

COVID-19 SUT 5 stand-up-talk-pmg-video-2020-03-09

COVID-19 SUT 6 covid-19-resources_2020-03-11

COVID-19 SUT 7 staying-vigilant_Customer interaction for Carriers 2020-03-16

COVID-19 SUT 8 keeping-your-vehicle-clean-2020-03-17

COVID-19 SUT 9 guidance-on-social-gathering-2020-03-18

COVID-19 SUT 10_RETAIL_Prevention_and_response

COVID-19 SUT 11_DELIVERY_Customer_signature_service

COVID-19 SUT 12_DELIVERY_Response_and_prevention

COVID-19 SUT 13_ALL_EMPLOYEES_National_Mailing

COVID-19 SUT 14 Operations Continue

COVID-19 SUT 15_RETAIL_Practicing_social_distancing


COVID-19 SUT 17_MAIL PROCESSING_Interacting with HCR

COVID-19 SUT 18_DELIVERY_Staying vigilant

COVID-19 SUT 19_ALL EMPLOYEES_Employee Privacy

COVID-19 SUT 20_ALL  EMPLOYEES_Health and well-being remain  priority

COVID-19 SUT 21_RETAIL_PO Box payment grace period

COVID-19 SUT 22_DELIVERY RETAIL OPERATIONS_Business closed - hold  mail

COVID-19 SUT 23_ALL_EMPLOYEES_Families_First_Coronavirus_Response_Act-1

COVID-19 SUT 24_DELIVERY_Food drive postponement

COVID-19 SUT 25_MAIL_PROCESSING_Guidelines_for_PVS_drivers

COVID-19 SUT 26_Retail-Signatures-For-Payment-Card-Transactions

COVID-19 SUT 27-delivery-carrier-training-social-distancing

COVID-19 SUT 28_ ALL EMPLOYEES_Interacting with VMF personnel

COVID-19 SUT 29_ALL EMPLOYEES_ COVID-19 supplies -- purchasing  updates

COVID-19 SUT 31_RETAIL_Sneeze  guards for window counters

COVID-19 SUT 32_ALL  EMPLOYEES_Additional CDC guidance with CDC  DIY

work instruction--Sneeze  guards
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