Current Stewards
Clerk Craft
Scott Adams- All Crafts/ Forest Ave-All Crats/All Locations (A)
Don Clark- All Crafts/ All Locations (A)
Fayralyn Davis-Clerk/SMP&DC/Tour 1
Matt Chaput- Clerk/SMP&DC/Tour 1
Damian Burns-Jackson-Clerk Craft/SMP&DC/Tour 2
(alternate for  all locations)
Amy Bolding-Clerk Craft Forest Ave(A)
Brandon Ronfeldt-Clerk Craft Forest Ave(A)
Tom Martelle-Clerk Craft/SMP&DC/Tour 2 Alternate
Brandon Wheeler-Clerk/SMP&DC/Tour 3
Kathy Olore Clerk/SMP&DC/Tour 3
Jennifer Croteau- Clerk/SMP&DC/Tour 3 Alternate

Motor Vehicle Services Craft
Jim Dow-MVS/All Locations/All Tours
Greg Buckland-MVS/VMF
Peter Moreshead-MVS/All Locations Alternate
Maintenance Craft
Jim Linehan-Maintenance/Tour 3/Tour 2/Tour 1 Alternate
Randy Aspiras-Maintenance/Portland Post Office
Eric Colgan-- Maintenance/Tour 3 Alternate
John Briggs- Maintenance/Tour 3 Alternate
Dan Foley-- Maintenance/Tour 1
Associate Offices Clerk Craft
Jennifer Garland-Clerk Craft/ Associate Offices-Alternate to Bath,, Windham, Gorham
Mike Hill-Clerk/Bath ME
Donna Miles-Clerk/Windham ME
Kristi Brown-Clerk/Gorham ME

Sothern Maine Processing and Distribution Center